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Paving Patterns

Clay Courtyard Pavers - Earth Straw & Slate

Paving Patterns can be unlimited due to the many different sizes, shapes and colours we have to choose from. One of the key benefits of using pavers instead of poured concrete is the massive range of choices.

Pavers are designed to mix and match in colour and sizes. Whether you are utilising different patterns to highlight feature areas or matching up to the colour range of your property and buildings, this is what makes segmental pavers unique.

Not only is the colour of the paver important, but so too is the paving patterns you select for each area. Each pattern may vary depending upon whether a driveway is steep, sloping or flat. Alfresco paving patterns tend to be less busy with straight lines, whilst garden path patterns may be curved. A sloped driveway should have an interlocking paving pattern for added strength.

At your local APC store, we have the knowledge and experience to advise you which pattern and which colour will best complement the area you are about to pave.

Brick Shape Paving Pattern Choices Are

Square Shape Paving Pattern Choices Are

Diamond Shape Paving Pattern Choices Are

Circle Paving Pattern Choices Are

Contact your local Australian Paving Centre for expert and friendly advice on what paving pattern is best for your next project.

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