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What’s trending

If you’re wanting to know what’s trending with home improvements and styles, these products will elevate any home!

Bookleaf Cladding - Traditional Blend


We have seen a surge in popularity with cladding. Cladding has been around for a while but the choices in cladding has increased and Natural Stone cladding is a very popular choice.

View our Natural Stone cladding – Stoneer, Stackstone and Bookleaf


Travertine is very popular due to it’s luxurious look, it feels great under your feet and stays cool under foot, even when in the sun!

They are perfect for entertaining areas, pools and even come with a matching tile.

Country Blend Travertine Paving Tiles - French Pattern Travertine
Stoneware Terrazzo Outdoor Area | Silver Pearl

Large format size

Large format pavers are a great choice for a clean look with less joins and making a space appear larger.

Our Stoneware pavers and tiles are a popular large format option for your indoor or outdoor spaces.


Made right here in Adelaide, this Drivestone paver is a popular choice with our customers. They are hardwearing with a subtle texture, making them slip resistant.

They are perfect for your driveway or garden edges.

Drivestone Pavers Driveway - Graphite 330 x 330 Paver
Medium Light Travertine 600 x 300 Indoor Tiles and Pool Paving

Indoor Outdoor

Your outdoor areas are an extension of your indoor living, so complete the look using the one product for your indoor and outdoor areas.

Our range of Indoor Outdoor pavers and tiles is often requested with our customers who are looking for a cohesive uniform look.

Pool paving

More homes are putting in pools these days, not just as a space to entertain and relax, but designed to be a feature in your yard and add value to your home.

Our range of pool pavers come with matching coping so your pool area will look pristine. Most pool builders will use their own coping which won’t match, so make sure you communicate with your pool builder that you will use your own coping and pavers.

Pool Area Before and After Travertine

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