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Pavers is the go-to Australian solution for all your outdoor home and styling needs. Pavers can be customised in a wide range of colours, shapes and textures to make any home look and feel appealing.
What makes pavers so versatile is the amount of control you have to add your own personal touch and patterns.


One of the key reasons why people chose paving bricks, is because you can mix and match pavers by size, colour or texture in the same project.
So for example, if we take the pattern in the next picture, you will notice this pattern is often ideal for driveway paving.

If we are paving around the pathways and patio of your home, we often recommend a complete reversal of the driveway pattern. In the next picture this best shows you can lay your paths around the home, staying with the same colours and style of pavers as your driveway, but keeping the paths light and bright enough to feel like the pathway is wider.




Now the days have changed from when people would stick with one colour and one paving brick throughout the driveway, paths and outdoor living alfresco areas.

This is mainly because people have more choice now.


APC finds people now selecting a completely different look and pattern for their outdoor living, alfresco areas.

The reason being is that outdoor living areas are not as large as other paved home areas. Because of this it makes sense as to why Australians are selecting pavers that are larger in size, lighter in colour, easier to clean, and selecting products that can get the job done right and to their liking.

Introducing the latest addition, the new Adbri Masonry is an exposed aggregate shot blasted Flagstone paver, mixed with a standard paver smooth finish banding. Here we mix both colour and texture!

Give your home or property the paving make-over it deserves and to make yourself feel more at home!