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Designing a small backyard can be a little challenging and daunting. With our list, we have come up with 12 stunning backyard designs for you to choose from to give you a glimpse of what you can do with a small space outside your home. That small space can be your way to a perfect paradise and a beautiful oasis. A place where you can find tranquillity and a relaxing atmosphere.

From a rounded patio, a water feature, side gardening, pathway, patterned pavers, a white backyard, an outdoor room or a gazebo, there's such a handful of ideas you can do with a small and tiny space in your backyard.

If your backyard has an empty space that's wasting away, why not make use of it and turn it into a wonderful zen garden. Share it with your family and friends by holding special occasions and gatherings where you can spend quality time. It's a perfect ambience where you can be one with nature.

Choosing a design for your small backyard can be based on your personal style and preference. Do you love plants? Then create a wall with hanging pots or potted plants to feature your lovely perennial plants. How about a swimming pool? You can have a swimming pool in a small yard, believe it or not. If you enjoy food and love eating in an outdoor setting, create a perfect alfresco dining area where you can have lunch or dinner with your family or special someone. You don't even have to go to a restaurant.

Play around with different materials and layout for your pavers. Symmetrical patterns will create an illusion of a wider space. You can use gravel and colourful stones to enhance your surroundings.

Something unique for your small backyard would be installing a water feature, a fire table, or a fire pit. It's something your guests would love to see any time of the day.

Elevating some areas in your backyard with a garden bed and a sunken garden can improve the look of your back yard. It adds mystery to the guests as they can see that there's another area or path they can walk to.

Look no further, our article will help you decide which one suits your small backyard. Trust us when we say you’ll never run out of things to do with an empty backyard space.

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