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Landscaping plays a critical role in sprucing up your home and providing an inviting appeal. Homeowners seeking to sell their house understand the value of presentation in making a sale. As such, landscaping serves as a presentation, which draws would-be property buyers. Conversely, if you simply want your house to stand out in your neighbourhood, landscaping will provide the much sought-after kerb appeal. In fact, investing in landscaping has been found to provide a better return than even home renovations.

In order to up your home’s overall value, consider the following landscaping tips:

1. Invest in a new lawn

Well-manicured lawns are the ultimate primers for modern homes, by creating a lush appeal while making good use of outdoor spaces. In case you have a large outdoor area, consider laying a turf, whose ultimate value would far outweigh the cost of laying it.

You also need to invest time in the periodic maintenance of your lawn to ensure it retains its look. For instance, you can install a sprinkler system to water your lawn in order to maintain the greenery. Such a simple installation can be part of your DIY projects on a weekend, which can have a fulfilling effect once you complete it.

2. The value of trees

Trees increase the value of real estate by being part of your neighbourhood’s streetscape. In fact, most homes in leafy suburbs boast a high asking price, which is an indication of the value provided by trees.

A barren-looking street can get into character with the simple addition of a tree. Trees are a natural addition, which enhances colour and shape to the home. They also create interest, especially when they flower or change in various seasons. Therefore, they are very impactful and would make an ideal landscaping addition to your home.

Trees are also a source of shade and can facilitate the management of troublesome spots in your garden. For instance, trees shield your home from nosy neighbours and proving some cover against high summer temperature. In fact, a study conducted in Australia determined the areas with up to 50% tree cover accounted for homes whose resale value exceeded the median price by at least 5.4%., or roughly $29,000.

3. Facilitate year-round flowering

Strive to maintain a diverse set of plants on your garden in order to reap their benefits, especially when they flower. For instance, a Jasmine creeper, which flowers in spring, combined with other varieties, which flower at a different time, would provide the perfect visual effect. You can also add native varieties such as grevilleas, which are attractive to birds.

4. Clearly edge your lawn

A core part of managing your lawn involves keeping it from overgrowing. Consider paving your lawn’s edges to tame it, while still maintaining its overall appeal. Such a lawn would provide an uptick in value, as the lawn is kept intact and separate from the garden. Moreover, managing the lawn and garden separately can keep your cost low, without negating the need for a good visual display.

5. Cleanliness

For visitors or prospective homebuyers, the cleaning standards outside the home have an impact on perceptions about a home. Therefore, keep your paved areas primed by cleaning them and keeping them stain-free. Sealers can also help in providing an additional protective layer for a lasting effect.

6. Weeding

Weeds are the ’sore thumb’, which ruins a landscape. To ward off the weeds, apply some mulch, whose benefits also include reducing soil erosion and alleviating the effects of high temperature by keeping the ground cool. Additionally, garden bark can also play a long-term preservative role for your landscape.

Ultimately, landscaping gives your home a restorative boost. Do away with the haggard-looking lawn or garden by restoring its lush appearance, an investment which will bring rich returns over time.